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Tokoh-tokoh Berdarah Yahudi Di Asia

List of Asian Jews

List of Asian Jews

This page is a list of Jews.

Since Antiquity, a number of Jewish communities have been established in many parts of Asia migrating or fleeing eastward from their mythological place of origin in Mesopotamia. Some examples of ancient Jewish communities nin Asia are: In Iran (Persian Jews) and Kurdistan; the Gruzim and Juhurim of the Caucasus; the Bene Israel, the Baghdadi Jews and the Cochin Jews of India (Jews in India); and the Bukharan Jews of Uzbekistan. China once had an established Jewish community in Kaifeng. Here is a partial list of some prominent Asian Jews, arranged by country of origin. (Note that those regions of Asia where Arabic or Russian or Turkish predominate are excluded from this list; see Arab Jews, Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardi Jews for information on these populations).



  • Nina Brosh, model (Chinese mother)
  • Morris Cohen, bodyguard of Sun Yat-Sen
  • Misha Dichter, pianist (Chinese-born)
  • Israel Epstein, journalist, author
  • Edmond Fischer, biochemist, Nobel Prize (1992) (Chinese-born; Jewish father)
  • Silas Aaron Hardoon, real estate tycoon
  • Ehud Olmert, Israeli politician (parents from Harbin)
  • Jakob Rosenfeld, doctor and general in the Chinese Liberation Army
  • Sidney Shapiro, member of the People's Political Consultative Council


  • Sergei Ignatyevich Bernstein, linguist
  • Melvin Calvin, chemist (Georgian mother)
  • Sergei Kiriyenko, Georgian-born Premier Minister of Russia 1998 (Jewish father)
  • Roy Medvedyev
  • Zhores Medvedyev
  • Nemirovich-Danchenko brothers
  • Lev Vlassenko, pianist (Jewish mother)(unconfirmed)

Hong Kong



  • Ahmad Dhani, member of dewa band
  • Rita Aaron, Indonesian model
  • Yapto S. Suryosumarno, political activist (Jewish mother)
  • Marini Suryosumarno Indonesian singer (Jewish mother)
  • Xaviera Hollander, writer (Indonesian-born; Jewish father)



See also Japanese article




  • Ike Isaacs, jazz player


Sri Lanka



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